County Corp has a long history of providing affordable, safe housing to individuals and families through a variety of funding sources.  County Corp completed the first complete rehabilitation of an existing 40 unit apartment complex in the Dayton area featuring geothermal heating and cooling at Northcliff Apartments.  These units house Veterans who are saving money on utilities in these highly energy efficient units.

County Corp is recognized locally and nationally as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) and Adam Blake, Vice President of Housing is the only CHDO executive in Ohio to achieve HUD’s certification in CHDO Management and Planning.

Other previous projects include River Commons II, the areas largest Permanent Supportive Housing for Homeless multifamily complex located near downtown Dayton.  County Corp sponsored the construction of 25 new single family homes at Ft. McKinley Homes in Harrison Township.  We also sponsored the rehabilitation of 40 units at Whitmore Arms Apartments.

To learn more about our capacity to create this housing please contact Adam Blake, Vice President of Housing.